Friday, 22 November 2013

Curzon Cinemas

The Curzon Community Cinema, in ClevedonEngland, is one of the oldest continually running purpose-built cinemas in the world.They own many cinemas all over  the UK such as the: Curzon Soho, Renoir Cinema, Curzon Chelsea, Curzon Richmond, Curzon Knutsford, Curzon Ripon and Curzon Mayfair.

Curzon Cinemas promotes itself as a leading arthouse cinema chain which prides itself on the quality of its cinemas, its ideas and the films it shows. However, it appears that they're under paying their workers so much so that even Film Producer Stanley Schtinter, who was due to be showing a film at Curzon Soho , has pulled the showing in support of the workers campaign until the management at Curzon make a full and concerted effort to recognise the workers campaign and BECTU, the media and entertainment union for cinema workers. 

 Curzon Home Cinema secured movies-on-demand agreement with BT, therefore they've spread out into not just cinema but the ability to be in poeples homes as well. 

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